“Come on, vogue/ Let your body move to the music”

…or some other cheesy lyric about music and fashion. This is my blog, fueled by a passion for unique clothes, special books and rad music. Hopefully my fellow fashion junkies will find it relatable; moreover, I hope that there are at least some equally broke saps who are interested in witnessing my journey from a shopping-addict English major undergrad to (good Lord fingers crossed that I get in) equally shopping-obsessed English graduate student. This blog will contain my likely excessively whiny mediations on life, from the size of the Anthropologie sale rack (too small), to the struggles of a girl who can’t decide whether to waste every penny on music (but I NEED every song that Lissie has ever recorded ever), clothes or books. The majority, however, will consist of my (hopefully) more helpful/interesting fashion ideas, book reviews and playlists for basically every occasion ever. I’ll even throw in the occasional post about people that I find incredibly inspiring. So here we go friends. Let the blogging commence! (Photo of Madonna not my own.)



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