A shameless music promotion

…for my boyfriend Trevor Sensor. BUT WAIT! Before you run away, scoffing at the indecency of it all, and assuming that I am only sharing his music because he takes me on dates sometimes and calls me pretty, give it a listen. I am a huge alternative and folk music junkie (evidenced by my 3,000 song iTunes library) and he is stupid-good. Because you all are new to my lingo, stupid-good essentially translates into insanely rad and pretty much the best thing ever! But seriously. He writes songs with amazing lyrics (we share that writing bug) and has a chilling voice. But don’t take my word for it! Check him out by clicking his photo below! Specifically I advise that you listen to “Without Some Direction,” “This House” and “The Birds and Planes.” If you regret it…well, you won’t.

Peace all. Sleep well.

Trevor Sensor on SoundCloud


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