How to Buy Clothes (Semi) Responsibly

I am not very good at that whole “not going shopping thing.” Sometimes all a person really needs is a new shirt. Or two. Or five. But as much as I love designers ranging from Marc Jacobs to Free People, God knows that us college type people can’t reasonable afford to spend 300 bucks on a shirt (or hell, 50 bucks on one), especially if you’re me and buy a new one of those almost every week. So! In order to maintain the shopping lifestyle to which my poor self has grown accustomed to, I have found many a fashion loophole and law to live by. These vary a bit, dependent on how irresponsible I’m feeling/ how much I NEED that pair of boots, but generally, they are as follows:

1) Ultimately, super cheap fabrics are worth even less than their single digit price tags. If clothes are made of super cheapo synthetic fabrics they will last for five minutes and wrinkle in less time than that. THEY AREN’T WORTH IT. I’m not going to name names, because I find that materials behave differently depending on how they’ve been implemented. However! If you try something on at a very low quality/low price store, trying sitting down in it for a minute to see if it immediately wrinkles (IT HAPPENS OKAY). Read and consider the washing directions. Think about other similar things you’ve purchased there, and how well they’ve held up. If you have doubts, don’t buy it.

2) The big “but” to point number 1 in this case is that sometimes those same stores carry items in perfectly recognizable and workable fabrics, e.g. cotton, spandex, etc! So! This leads into my second point, which is that a white 100% cotton tee is a white cotton tee. If you can find a great one for $4.50, it will get the job done just as well as a $40 dollar all-cotton tee.

3) Speaking of four dollars and fifty cents, do you guys know where else you can buy things for that cheap? THRIFT STORES! I am a huge advocate for thrifting. Whether you are hitting up slightly higher end consignment stores, Goodwill or hardcore Chicago thrift stores, you can find super rad unique things that a) no one else will have, b) can even be from your favorite designers for stupid cheap and c) DID I MENTION HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN SAVE?

4) Sale racks are synonymous with heaven in my life. I am obsessed with Anthropologie, but I cannot find it in me to spend $300 on jeans, even if they are the cutest ever. Enter, the clearance room. Beautiful high quality clothes for a fraction of the price. The secret here is being willing to shop slightly out of season. I buy cute cardigans in the summer and shorts in the late fall, but when you plan for items that are classic and will remain trendy, you can save bucketloads.

Okay I have more of these, but I’ll add them as they come. Stay fashionable all.


6 thoughts on “How to Buy Clothes (Semi) Responsibly

    • Hey girl! Absolutely! There will be many a picture of the things that I pick up using these rules, especially because I thrift way, way too often. Sometime this week I’ll do a post about my favorite thrift finds of all time.
      Thank you for the feedback! I love your blog!

  1. So yes, I am essentially blogstalking you, I hope you don’t mind…but your posts are awesome. 🙂
    I love thrifting and saving money, and these were some awesome tips! Thanks for sharing!

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