Thrifted: a few of my favorite finds.

As promised, here are photos of some of my most treasured thrifted and vintage finds; all photos included are my own:


This little black shift dress was purchased for less than five dollars at a thrift store in Naperville, IL. The necklace is Forever 21.


This real leather bag was bought for around twelve dollars at a resale shop in Geneva, IL.


I picked up this painted silk scarf for less than a dollar at an antique store in Grand Haven, Michigan.


This over-sized wool sweater was also bought in Naperville. The scarf is Dry Goods.


I got this binoculars case, used as a purse, from Goodwill.


This tweed and leather jacket was purchased at an upscale resale shop, also in Naperville.


I found this crystal and bullet shell bronze necklace at a vintage store in Evanston, IL.


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