What I wore: Episode 4 (combined with) People who I think are pretty much the greatest ever: My best friend (Read on…)

So here are a few photos of a very simple look I wore a couple of weeks ago for a really intense (semi-grungy) photo shoot with my best friend Sam. She’s an amateur photographer with loads of talent and oodles of pizzazz (see, here’s the people who I think are the greatest ever part) who I love to the moon and back. In these pictures she just so happened to capture one of my favorite thrifted finds, a little black dress I featured in an earlier post! To see her flickr (which you really should because she’s the bees knees and you’ll see yours truly appear as a model in quite a few pictures), click here. I should warn you all that I am a) not wearing makeup in this shoot so I quite possibly look like an 11 year old boy in the face department and b) was trying to look all hardcore and brooding and may look a little more confused in angry in these pictures. Regardless, here you are!

Firstly, here is the infamous dress, pictured from a previous post and with the same necklace I wear in the shoot:


And then, well, here are the pictures! (Try not to laugh at some of them. A model I am not. Especially not the broody kind.)

black dress 2

black dress 5

A little bit of shoes: (from DSW, remember?!)

black dress 3

black dress 1

black dress 6

Again, the dress is thrifted, the shoes are really old and from DSW, the necklace is Forever 21 and the cardigan is Sam’s, also from Forever 21. Happy Thursday everyone!

All photos (with the exception of the first one of the dress alone) are the property of Sam Wantuch.

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