Songs I love: I’ll find a way, Let her go.

A few songs I adore: “I’ll find a way” – Rachael Yamagata This song is just really mellow and sweet and slow, and I find it both crazy romantic and bittersweet. “Let Her Go” – Passenger This song has actually made its appearance on the radio and is gaining notoriety, with a ton of views […]

People who I think are pretty much the greatest ever – Rant #1: Lissie

Lissie is great. Her music is awesome and super unique, she cultivates a down-to-earth image that is actually real (I would know because I met her and it was amazing) and she has a super cool (albeit grungy) style that she rocks shamelessly. And so! Without further ado, here is a picture I took from […]

“Come on, vogue/ Let your body move to the music”

…or some other cheesy lyric about music and fashion. This is my blog, fueled by a passion for unique clothes, special books and rad music. Hopefully my fellow fashion junkies will find it relatable; moreover, I hope that there are at least some equally broke saps who are interested in witnessing my journey from a […]